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Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen

Study program
Dentistry (0911TA350003)

Form of study

Type of study


Length of study
5 years

Application type

KEY DATES for 2024/2025

Application deadline
☑ 30 April 2024

Entrance exam
☑ 24 June 2024

Study documents legalization deadline
☑ 31 August 2024


Programme / Branch Overview

The Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen offers courses in Dentistry (five years) in both Czech and in English languages. For students of Dentistry, the first two years of study are devoted to theoretical disciplines and pre-clinical Dentistry. Years three to five are devoted to clinical stomatology. Dentistry study field is without any specialisation.

The academic years for theoretical disciplines and pre-clinical subjects are organised into winter and summer semesters. Each semester consists of a teaching period followed by an examination period. The clinical courses are organised in a block system.

Key information for Dentistry study applicants

An applicant personally submits a legibly and correctly completed online application form through the University/ Faculty online registration system for the academic year 2024/25 and pays a registration fee of 880,- CZK for each application to the Faculty account. The applicant is registered for the entrance examination term on time, by the deadline 30th April 2024. 

Please note, for date and for details, please see faculty website for applicants at

Step by step guide to study Dentistry

1. Contact our agency Skandinavien and pass Entrance exam in your country

Description of verification and evaluation criteria

The entrance examination for the study program in English is organised by the Skandinavien agency. Registered candidates will be informed in advance via email about the exact date, place, time, and format of the entrance examination.

The entrance examination consists of a present test in Chemistry, Biology, and Physics – present test. The requirements are similar to the British A-level examination requirements.

In total, there will be 75 questions, with each subject having an allocation of 25 questions. There is always only one correct answer and is assigned with 1 point. The condition is passing the entrance exam in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and gaining a particular number of points to be admitted. The number of points required for admission will be determined by the dean of the faculty depending on the anticipated number of admitted students

There are no penalties in case of mistakes.

The tests are administered and marked by a university/faculty professor.

2. Legalise your high school documents

Besides a successful passing of the entrance examination test, submitting a completely legalised high school diploma / certificate in accordance with the information below is strictly required, as an essential and legal condition for admission and starting study at any university / faculty in the Czech Republic.

We recommend starting the verification and legalisation of your high school documents as soon as possible, so you are able to manage the whole process on time and meeting the deadline for submitting the documents for the purpose of admission to study.

Officially admitted students can obtain their official Admission Decision letter after submitting their fully and correctly legalised high school documents, i. e. not earlier than after meeting all admission criteria.

Verification, assessment and legalisation of High School Documents 

After successfully passing the entrance exam and deciding to enrol as a first-year student at our faculty, please follow the instruction for verification, legalisation, and assessment of High School Documents and fulfil the following steps:



Attach a proof of payment / payment receipt to your verified and legalised documents. Although the amount of the assessment fee may be identical or similar to the entrance examination fee, the assessment fee is a fee different from the entrance exam registration fee and must be paid separately.

Account number for the assessment fee payment:
CZK Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen bank account:
Receiver: Univerzita Karlova v Praze, Lékařská fakulta v Plzni, Ovocný trh 5, 116 36 Praha
Bank address: Komerční banka a.s., Goethova 1, 301 00 Plzeň
Account number: 61633311/0100
IBAN: CZ15 0100 0000 0000 6163 3311 SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX
(add the account number including an international format such as IBAN, BIC-Swift, etc.)


Submit your verified and legalised documents to the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, so the documents together with the payment are received by the faculty no later than 31st August 2024.

Documents sent after this deadline as well as documents sent via email will not be accepted.

Send the verified and legalised copies of the documents listed below by post, shipping courier or deliver the documents personally to the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen, addressed to:

Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen
English study department – admissions office,
alej Svobody 76, 301 00 Pilsen, Czech Republic 

Documents must be sent in a hard copy form not later than on 31st August 2024 together with a proof of payment/payment receipt confirming that the assessment fee – if required has been paid.

Candidates, who fail the entrance examination, may not retake the exam during that same academic year.

3. Start your studies

A candidate who successfully passed the entrance examination test by achieving the required number of points and submitting their High school documents / certificates in accordance with legal requirements will be admitted for study.

The admission of students remains however within the responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty. Admitted students enrol at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen in late September of the same year.


Conditions for admission

The graduate of the Dentistry Master’s study program disposes of comprehensive knowledge in all fields of general medicine connected with the orofacial system in cause, manifestation, and therapy. The graduate displays profound knowledge in the fields of clinical dental practice including preservation dentistry, children’s dental care, oral surgery, prosthetic dentistry, periodontics, and diseases and conditions affecting the oral mucosa. The graduate is equipped with adequate knowledge in follow-up study fields and dental specialties enabling them to perform all required activities and interventions within prevention and diagnostics thus creating conditions for possible further specialised studies.

Verification method: entrance exam 

Confirmation date (of entrance exam) : 24. 06. 2024

Recommended literature, sample questions

Preparatory course 

There is not any preparatory course for the entrance exams for English students organised by our Faculty.

Information about graduate employment 

After completing their studies, graduates are awarded a Doctor of Medicine degree – MUDr. ( Medicinae Universae Doctor ) at a traditional ceremony held in the Carolinum, a historical University hall in Prague. This degree is widely recognised in most countries.

Tuition fee for studies in a foreign language 

Tuition / per period: 390.000,- CZK / year

Applying with a Skandinavien agency
By submitting the application, you are applying to be admitted as a first-year student of the General Medicine Course for the academic year 2024/2025.

You can apply only once per Academic year.
• Students who fail the entrance examination may not retake the exam during the same Academic year.

Students who studied at our Faculty in the past and are interested to apply for the re-admission can be admitted as first year students only. They are to start their study from the first year, due to a change of the curricula. Application of students studying at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen on the day of their application at the same study program is not possible and will not be accepted.